The Nigeria Diaspora Project 40/40 is a significant project that aims to leverage on the symbolism of the number 40 to inspire a new narrative for Nigeria and Nigerians in general.

The number forty (40) marks a moment of transition, transformation and transcendence. It connotes newness, preparation, self-examination and growth It is a significant number that shouldn't be taken for granted.

Consider the following significance...

  • Life they say begins at 40.
  • A fool at 40 is a fool forever.
  • The number 40 is used 5 times in the Koran.
  • The number 40 appears in the Bible 146 times.
  • A pregnancy takes 40 weeks to come full-term.


40 years ago the Nigerian government through the Nigerian National Orientation Agency ran an infomercial TV campaign to discourage Nigerians from traveling out of the country. This infomercial was broadcasted across the country from mid 1980s till late 1990.

In the infomercial, the main character is referred to as Andrew; played by the then famous actor Late Enebeli Elebuwa. Andrew would retort, slinging his traveling bag over his shoulder "No light, no water. Men, I'm checking out." Then someone stretched his hand and grabbed Andrew, and the person said to Andrew "don't check out".

Musician Veno Marioghae, through her popular song "Nigeria go survive" further amplified this infomercial by singing..."Andrew don’t check out o, Nigeria go survive!" Neither the government nor the musician was able to restrain the mass exodus of Nigerians abroad.


40 years after Andrew checked out, Nigeria is still the same. We are still battling with the very same issues that drove Andrew out of the country. And if care is not taken, the next 40 years could likely end up the same.

To avoid this from happening, is the core essence of Nigeria Diaspora Project 40/40. As signified by the project logo; the upper 40 represents 40 years of the "Nigerian Emigration Trends between 1981 - 2021." The project seeks to highlight the major wave of emigration history of the Nigerian Diaspora specifically narrowing it down from 1981 till 2021.

The lower 40 represents 40 inspiring diaspora stories which will be crowd-sourced within the Nigerian Diaspora community both online and offline. These stories would be shared in order to highlight lessons learned and share migration tips and best practices for young Nigerians.


Diaspora Stories

Enable diasporas to tell their diaspora stories by themselves firsthand.

Diaspora Connection

Bridge the existing gap between Nigerians living in Nigeria and Nigerians living abroad.

Diaspora Recognition

Recognize the bold steps taken by diasporas to improve their home country by provision of infrastructures and support to investments.

Diaspora Advantages

Celebrate the good side of diasporas which manifests in several ways such as: remittances, investments, brain regain, sharing best practices learnt abroad.

Diaspora Role Model

Present a living example of a specific but very successful ‘Andrew’ that overcame obstacles.

Diaspora Orientation

Successfully clear the misconceptions that exist between diasporas and Nigerians living in Nigeria.


These diaspora stories will act as an indirect True-life super stories in their own peculiarities and uniqueness since they are based on true events and equally serve as a resource for teeming and determined Nigerians who have Dreams of achieving great exploits abroad.

It must also be stressed that the Legal Pathway to Migration and ethical Migration is emphatically encouraged and it should be duly followed while making efforts to check out! "Andrew-Checking-out redefined!"

This project will to a large extent drastically reduce the margin of failed migration stories and eradicate the unfortunate circumstances that may usually lead to renouncing of ones own citizenship (Refugee & Asylum seekers) in the bid to survive abroad!